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“ONE INDIA PEST CONTROL SERVICES” is Government Approved Pest Control Solution Company Since last One Decade,License number is 9848 for Pest Control Services. The license is subject to the provision of the insecticides Act, 1968. We are the Promising, Performing, Time- Tested and Most Reliable Online and Offline Platform for Booking Pest Control Services/ Termite Pest Control Services/ Sanitization and Disinfecting Services in India. “ONE INDIA PEST CONTROL SERVICES” Using this Portal, one can hire the Best Reliable Services at Economically Affordable Charge Pest control services in India are supplied by several enterprises, both national and local. To manage and remove pests in residential and commercial settings, these businesses often employ a combination of chemical and non-chemical approaches. Pesticides are used in chemical pest management methods, whereas traps, barriers, and other physical controls are used in non-chemical pest control methods. .

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“One India Pest Control service” Providing Pest Control Service, Cleaning and Sanitization Services with Affordability & without Compromising the Quality of Services. If you use this Portal to book the Desired Service, you are confirmed that you will get the most Highly Standard of Services. Whether you need Pest Control Services or cleaning and Sanitization Services, you are assured of   SERVICE, QUALITY, and AFFORDABILITY & SATISFACTION.

What We Do?

COMPLETE RANGE of Pest Control, Cleaning and Sanitization Services are available at “One India Pest Control service” for both types of Clients Residential & Commercial as well. It means you can consider hiring services for Residential pest control, Commercial pest control, Termite pest control ,House cleaning service, Kitchen cleaning service, Office cleaning service, Home sanitization Service, Commercial and Residential sanitization Service and a lot more.


We are one of the most Experienced, Credible & Reliable service providers for Pre and Post Construction 'Termite control services', General pest control, Herbal gel treatment, Fumigation and Sanitizer for Residential

Retail Shop

Once you know this, you can hire the one required. Considering the present time, it is a good decision to go with herbal or organic pest control services for Retail shop.


Collecting proper knowledge of the possible pest attack in your locality is necessary. In hospital or anther area are given the task to handle the hygiene requirements there, then inspection on properly.


It is very true Insects can never be friendly to humans The need of pest control in industrial space is very common. Whether it is a big industrial space or a small one, no one can never be sure about the pest attack there. From time to time, inspection and treatment can save your property from insects attack.

Customer Reviews

Very happy with the service overall.... The person who visited the house did the work nicely and made sure to clean the floors side by side so that there was no mess after the job. Will use them again if required. Highly recommend them.

Kunal Designation

The service provided was excellent. narender had very good interactional skill and the work done by Mohan who did the service was very cooperative and did a wonderful job. Truly satisfied.

Rajeev Designation

The pest controllers visited my office were trained professional. They did their job silently without disturbing us much. They took guarantee of controlling the cockroaches, small pests and houseflies. We didn't face these pest issues till now.

S. Mitra Designation

Really nice professional work done by One India Pest Control Team, Team responsive to urgent calls. Professional and very hard working Humble. great Job One India Pest Control Team.

Vansh Designation
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