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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs, being complicated pests are challenging to get rid of and require special training and knowledge in the subject for effective treatment. You should seek professional help if you want to detailed, address the bed bug problem at your home. As bed bugs reproduce quickly, the quicker you can control them, the easier it will be to satisfactorily deal with them


 Spray-based bedbug management solution

  •  Trained team with Detailed inspects your premises for eggs and if spotted, we crush and remove them. Further, we treat all the likely hideaways of the bed bugs to maximize the chance of closing out  bed bugs from your home.

We carefully spray chemical pesticides on all items in the vicinity of a bed bug infestation including baseboards, floor and wall junctions, tack strips under carpets, electrical outlets and switches, cracks in the walls and floors, wall-mounted items and structural voids.

 Two types of bed bug treatments are:

  • Single treatment of two services and sixty-day warranty.
  • AMC treatment of three services in a year.

As part of our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for treatment against bed bugs, we visit our customer’s house thrice a year.

  • At, we give our Customers’ Experience the outmost, Importance and offer a 60-day Warranty and free follow-up visits to Ensure that your Problem is fully Resolved.

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