Termite Pest Control Services in Ghaziabad

    We use 100% safe, non-toxic, organic and WHO certified chemicals from Bayer India Ltd.

    Are you very much bothered by the invasion of insects in your home or office in Ghaziabad?  This problem can be more in the time of rain session.

    There was termite in your house.  There may also be cockroach, bedbug, rats,bedbug, red ant and other types of rainy insects. If you want to keep your family and your property away from this problem. You should call one India pest control and get rid of them then you should take advantage of pest control service with their special equipment and specialty.

    One India pest control service is a leading company in Ghaziabad including north India. For the last 10 years, One India Pest Control Service is providing pest control services in Ghaziabad and we take special care of our clients.  We use the best chemicals and the best techniques. Our company’s expert and professional team works to eliminate the pest through safe and eco friendly method.

    What are the benefits of choosing One India Pest Control services in Ghaziabad?

    Safe and effective method:

    One India Pest Control Service uses an effective and safe method to eliminate pests in Ghaziabad.  They use eco-friendly chemicals and water base solution that are safe for humans and pets and child, but very lethal to pests.  We exterminate the pests professionally and make sure that we can eliminate insects without harming other organisms.

    Provided pest control customized plan:

    One India Pest Control Service in Ghaziabad provides customized pest control plans based on your specific requirements.  Technical team will do a thorough inspection of your property free of charge to identify the type of infestation and what type of pest.  Based on their findings, they will develop a replication plan and eliminate pests.

    Provided Low Price Services:

    One India Pest Control Services in Ghaziabad provides affordable pest control services for both residential and commercial properties. Some people understand that pest control cost can be unexpected. The cost of pest control service is decided that what is the seriousness of the pest and how much is the area and whether the condition is now.

    Trained Professional

    To control the pest, it is necessary to have proper knowledge about the pest and which chemical and which process will be applied to eliminate it.That why One India Pest Control keeps trained and experienced technicians only and uses latest techniques and latest instruments to eliminate the pest.

    One India Pest Control Service has stood true to pest control services since last 10 years.

    Result guaranteed

    One India Pest Control Service guarantees the results of its work.  He always stands behind you for his work and makes sure that your property is kept completely safe and your health is also not harmed.

    It also ensures that the key to your home office is not returned and we follow up with the client until the client is satisfied and we give the client complete comfort and complete facility until the client is satisfied. 

    If any problem bothers you again and again, our most experienced technicians try to solve the problem as soon as possible under their supervision.


    Is the process of one India pest control service in Ghaziabad safe for my kids’ pats and my elders?

    One India Pest Control Services assures that pest control service is absolutely safe for you and your children, for your elders and for your pets. And it is also safe for our environment.

    How long does pest control take?

    The timing of pest control depends on the type of pest and the size of area infestation. In Ghaziabad first a thorough inspection of the property is done.  Then a plan is made.  Then by that the insectis completely destroyed.  This process may take a few hours or even a few days of work.

    At least how often should we get pest control done?

    This question is of many people and it is full of confusion. Our expert teamhas concluded after 10 years of experience that it depends on where the infection is at your place. Area wise depends on how much service you will have and it also depends on how is the climate of your place and rain or not also depends on these services.

    What easy way can I use service of One India Pest Control in Ghaziabad?

    You can book service and slot for yourself by visiting One India Pest Control site and portal and also through customer care number you can easily book service and time slot for yourself.

    More facts Termite pest control in Ghaziabad

    Termites are one of the most harmful pests around us that can infest our home office or property and completely damage our property and once a termite colony is established somewhere it becomes very challenging for us in Ghaziabad.  In this article we will discuss termite control effective way in Ghaziabad.

    The termite insect may be an unknown insect to you.  This insect is very small.  This insect eats cellulose based materials like wood, paper, cloth, cardboard, cotton.

    Termites slowly eat away at your property without you even realize. Mainly three types are found in
    mainly three types of termites found in India Underground, dyewood and damp wood.

    Symptoms of termite infestation in Ghaziabad

    Mud lines on walls

    Damaged wood

    Discarded feathers

    Hollow sounding wood

    Tight window, doors shut can be termite infected 

    Prevention of termite

    When termite symptoms start appearing in your home, prevention is better than cure.  Here are some effective preventive measures to keep your mind away from your home.

    • Keep checking your house from time to time and always keep your house dry.
    • Termites always thrive in moist areas. Make sure you can keep the day after tomorrow and get rid of termites by fixing any leaks in plumbing and air condition works.
    • Inspect your home regularly and when in doubt, call a Peace Control Service Advisor.
    • Inspect your home regularly for signs of termite infestation.  Keep checking the walls, doors, rules, cracks, paper cloth wood cardboard properly.
    • Always keep moving wood away from your home.
    • Do not store firewood in or near your home.  Firewood always invites termites.
    • Always keep wood at least 20 feet away from your home.
    • You should use only treated wood at the time of construction in your house.
    • Only treated wood should be used for any construction or renovation work.  Treated wood always harms termites and there are less chances of termites to enter.

    Methods of termite control in Ghaziabad 

    Liquid Termite Treatment

    Termite treatment involves applying a liquid insecticide around the foundation of your home.  The insecticide forms a barrier that prevents the mite from entering your home and is very successful. Use drill fell and seal method.

    Termite bait

    Termite bait proves very effective.  To eliminate termite colonies, termite bait is put around the termite
    and termite takes that bait to its colony where termites are gradually destroyed


    Involves tenting your home and using gas to kill the termite.  This is a very effective method.  Just it is out of reach of common people because it has more costly

    Heat Treatment

    Heat is used to kill termites and it is very effective to use and does not cause any harm to the environment.

    Can we prevent termite infestation on our own?

    Yes, we can do remedies to keep termites away on our own, but it does not work in the long run.  That’s why we should take the service of the company on which Mite Pest Control.

    How often should I get my home termite inspected for termites in Ghaziabad?

    For the inspection of termites, at least once in your house, it must be checked by a professional.

    How long does it take to inspect and control termites in Ghaziabad?

    The duration of termite treatment depends on the severity of the infestation, the method used and the chemicals and technician involved.

    Liquid termite treatment can take a few hours while fumigation can take up to one week.

    Is heat treatment effective at killing termites in Ghaziabad?

    Heat treatment is an effective way to kill termites.  It is environment friendly.  During heat treatment is used at high temperature which also kills termites and termite eggs.

    What do professional termite control services cost Ghaziabad?

    The cost of termite pest control is determined based on the severity of the infestation and also on the size of your home or office.  No accurate estimate can be made of this.  But it also depends on which
    method you use?


    One India Pest Control Services is one of the best in the pest control business.


    We use DFS (Drill-Fill-Seal technique) to get rid of termite colonies and completely protect the wooden furniture.


    To prevent subterranean termite infestations, Drill-Fill-Seal is a method in which holes are drilled, chemicals (Premise containsImidacloprid 30.5% SC solution) are injected into the wall-to-floor joint, and the joints are sealed.


     * The DRILL-FILL-SEAL method forms a chemical barrier that prevents termites from moving.

    Holes are drilled at a 45deg angle above the facing tiles exactly 1.25 foot apart along the walls, loaded with TERMINI-8
    arrangement and cemented with chalk and white concrete.

    * The group gives essential orders after finishing work

    * We additionally provide pre- and post-development subterranean termite administration.


    2 Yearly Service gives 2-year protection

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    * The most reliable termite pest control service provider

    * Govt. Approved

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    Termite Pest Control Charges In Ghaziabad: Starting At Rs 2000