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    We use 100% safe, non-toxic, organic and WHO certified chemicals from Bayer India Ltd.

    We are nearby Noida for pest control services and termite control services. We are committed to protecting our homes and offices from unsanitary conditions. 

    Our clients trust on our service and the way we provide pest control service. One India Pest Control Service is providing best and quality service in Noida since last 10 years. We try to provide good service at lowest rate in Noida and we hope to improve our service till the satisfaction of the client. One India Pest Control Service home and office pest control service in any area of Noida at reasonable rates. There are many pest control service companies in India but One India Pest Control Service comes in the best of all and we try to provide the best service. Our company consists of well-educated and expert and experienced technicians and advisors. Our experts provide continuous services for termites, mosquitoes, spiders, cockroaches, rats and rain-borne insects. You can call +911135774034 One India Pest Control in Noida anytime for any pest related.


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    What is pest control?  Why do we need pest control and what are the things we should keep in mind before getting pest control done?

    The technology of pest control  in Noida is such a process by which we control or eliminate pests that can be very harmful to us, our families, and our property.

     Before getting pest control done, we have to take care of many things.  It also has to be kept in mind that this process should not cause any problem to our environment, our family and the living beings around us.

    One India Pest Control in Noida provides pest control solutions for all types of properties in major cities towns of India.  Our essential pest control services are available for Home, Apartment, Villa, Farm House, Garden, Complexes, and we Office, Shops, Mall Department store.

    Pest can be found anywhere, may it be in your home or even in ours. Such as ants, rodents, mosquitoes, bed bugs, yellow jackets, cockroaches, fruit flies termites are unwelcome. Unfortunately, pests and insects can be found anywhere — in your home, my home, your office, or mine.

    If there are pest in your house then your house will become a house of disease. As fast as possible.  After identifying the pest, you should call a good pest control service provider for pest control service.

    one india Pest Control Service Noida  has a pest control service license from the Government of India.



    Our residential pest control services include termite control, bed bug control, bee control, mosquito control, bee control, weed control, and wood borer control, and rain-borne insect’s control.

    If you want to keep pests away from your home or office, then you have to pay special attention to cleanliness and sealing and seepage.


    The problem of termite problem is becoming a common problem in cities and towns. To eliminate this, we follow a procedure.

    If there is a problem of dampness and seepage in your home or office, then you may have a problem of mites. Termite can first of all damage wood, paper, and cloth, cardboard and Damage your property completely. That’s why you should call a professional pest control service company after termite identification. 

    How to prevent termites in future?

    Your home and office should be protected from moisture. Check for any moisture in your roof gutter air condition.  Underground termites are attracted to moisture. So keeping your homes dry and leak free can prevent their presence.

     Gutters and pipes should be kept clean regularly and these should be checked from time to time. Due to the closure of sewers and pipes can get jammed and after getting jammed, water can leak and when water leaks, there are chances of dampness and seepage. There are chances of becoming a termite

    While building a house or office, you should take care of some things.  You should use wood at least and use wood at least in place of water like toilet bathroom kitchen.

    In the new construction building, you should get the permit inspected immediately and if you see the symptoms of termite, then you should get the termite treatment done immediately. 


    One India Pest Control Services is one of the best in the pest control business.


    We use DFS (Drill-Fill-Seal technique) to get rid of termite colonies and completely protect the wooden furniture.


    To prevent subterranean termite infestations, Drill-Fill-Seal is a method in which holes are drilled, chemicals (Premise contains Imidacloprid 30.5% SC solution) are injected into the wall-to-floor joint, and the joints are sealed.


    * The DRILL-FILL-SEAL method forms a chemical barrier that prevents termites from moving.

    Holes are drilled at a 45* degree angle above the facing tiles exactly 1.25 foot apart along the walls, loaded with TERMINI-8 arrangement and cemented with chalk and white concrete.

    * The group gives essential orders after finishing work.

    * We additionally provide pre- and post-development subterranean termite administration.


    2 Yearly Service gives 2-year protection

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      FAQ ON Termites:

     How to Identify termites is the first step toward prevention.

    Termites rarely emerge from food sources, mud tubes, or the soil they tunnel through.

    Termites can be confused with insects, yet there are several key contrasts between the two bugs.

    Antenna shape: Termite antennae are straight, ant antennae are curved.

    Body type: Termites have a broad, straight body, while ants have a narrower and thinner waist.

    Colors: Most termites are brown to light brown, while ants can be red, black, or dark brown.

    Tail Size: Both winged termites and flying ants have two sets of wings.

    However, flying ants have two pairs of wings, one smaller and one larger, while termites have equal-sized wings.

    Is it possible to get rid of termites yourself?

    * Using liquid or foam herbicides on the out side exterior of your home.

    *Incorporation of beneficial nematode of natural oils as a natural system..

    *Preparing bait for termites to kill termites slowly and to destroy brain inside.

    * You can also use some chemical available in the market inside or outside the house for temporary  resistance..

    Future Termite Prevention Below is some of the most common ways to prevent termites.

    Keep away from moisture Clear the wood from the house Choose the right garden materials Keep pipes and drains clean Schedule your termite reviews.

    However, keep in mind that termite damage to the structure of your home can quickly lead to serious or irreversible damage.

    Do-it-yourself methods can be effective in the earliest stages of a termite infestation.

    However, fumigation and professional baiting systems may be required for larger infestations.

    * It may be a good idea to hire a professional exterminator before your home is seriously damaged if you have a large colony or if you don’t think you can treat the bed bugs yourself.

    You will save time and money in the long run.

    How Much Does Termite Treatment Cost?

    It Depends on the size of the home: The larger the size of the home and also depends on the fixed wooden work like how many wooden Elvira, door fame, window frames, wooden flooring, wall paneling, wooden TV panels Ground floor skirting in the home area, the more expensive the treatment will be.

    Govt.Approved Chemicals required to treat termites are expensive, so the price varies depending on the size of the area.


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