Pre-Construction Termite Pest Control

We use 100% safe,
non-toxic, organic and WHO certified chemicals from Bayer India Ltd.

We are nearby North India  for pest control services and termite control services. We are committed to protecting our homes and offices from unsanitary conditions.

Complete Inspection: A thorough
inspection of termite-infested buildings is the first step.

depends on the use of termite control measures in the structure and the
determination of the location and course of the attack.

Drilling into the ground: The second step involves drilling a hole into the
floor surface with a drill and injecting the chemical at a specific, evenly
spaced location.

An injector is used to inject a chemical: Termite chemicals are injected into
the holes to protect the structure from termites

* Install exterior and
interior bait: Baiting will be done if inspection results indicate that the
structure should be stocked with termite bait.


a trap both outside and inside a settlement can hurt the province overall.


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Services is one of the best in the pest control business.


We use DFS (Drill-Fill-Seal technique) to get rid
of termite colonies and completely protect the wooden furniture.


To prevent subterranean termite infestations,
Drill-Fill-Seal is a method in which holes are drilled, chemicals (Premise
Imidacloprid 30.5% SC
solution) are injected into the wall-to-floor
joint, and the joints are sealed.


The DRILL-FILL-SEAL method forms a chemical barrier that prevents termites from

Holes are drilled at a 45deg angle above the
facing tiles exactly 1.25 foot apart along the walls, loaded with TERMINI-8
arrangement and cemented with chalk and white concrete.

* The group gives essential
orders after finishing work

* We additionally provide
pre- and post-development subterranean termite administration.

Benefits/ why choose us:

 * It kills termites and not just repels them.


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 How to Identify Being on the lookout for termites
is the first step toward prevention.

rarely emerge from food sources, mud tubes, or the soil they tunnel through.

can be confused with insects, yet there are several key contrasts between the
two bugs.

Antenna shape: Termite antennae
are straight, ant antennae are curved.

Body type:
Termites have a broad, straight body, while ants
have a narrower and thinner waist.

Most termites are brown to light brown, while
ants can be red, black, or dark brown

Tail Size:
Both winged termites and flying ants have two
sets of wings.

flying ants have two pairs of wings, one smaller and one larger, while termites
have equal-sized wings.

Is it possible to get rid of termites yourself?

Using liquid or foam herbicides on the exterior of your home.

Inclusion of natural oils or profitable nematodes as a natural arrangement.

Preparation of baits for termites to gradually eliminate the colony.

Spraying boric corrosive around the affected areas inside the house.

Future Termite Prevention Below is some of the
most common ways to prevent termites.

away from moisture Clear the wood from the house Choose the right garden
materials Keep pipes and drains clean Schedule your termite reviews

keep in mind that termite damage to the structure of your home can quickly lead
to serious or irreversible damage.

methods can be effective in the earliest stages of a termite infestation.

fumigation and professional baiting systems may be required for larger

It may be a good idea to hire a professional exterminator before your home is
seriously damaged if you have a large colony or if you don’t think you can
treat the bed bugs yourself.

will save time and money in the long run

How Much Does Termite Treatment Cost?

Depends on the size of the home: The larger the size of the home and also
depends on the fixed wooden work like how many wooden Elvira, door fame, window
frames, wooden flooring, wall paneling, wooden TV panels Ground floor skirting
in the home area, the more expensive the treatment will be.

Chemicals required to treat termites are expensive, so the price varies
depending on the size of the area.