Termite Pest Control Services in Rani Bagh,Delhi

    We use 100% safe, non-toxic, organic, and WHO certified chemicals of Bayer India ltd

    We are located near Rani Bagh, Delhi for pest control Service and termite pest control service. We are committed for protecting your home and office from unhygienic environment. 

    ONE INDIA PEST CONTROL SERVICE” team Search Infected Part at your home or in your office and then provides best termite control solution to our client .our team give suggestion that how to get relief from pest and termite.


     First our team fined infected area and creates chemical barrier that kills termites during movement Holes drilled at 45° angles above skirting tiles at 1.5 and Foot Distance Along walls.

    We used technical pressure pump to filled with (Bayer) Premise (SC) water base solution (5 ml Bayer product in one letter water) and sealed with Chalk & white cement.

     Benefits: Kills termites and not just repels them highly effective, hassle-free and safe treatment used in developed countries Protects infested woodwork wood work (Door frame, window frame all wooden Almirah, Kitchen wooden) and main part using for barrier of wall skirting Complete area with chemicals by killing termites Protects from future termite infestation Service Time frame.

    2 Yearly Service gives 2 year protection

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    Anti-termite treatment in Delhi for homes and offices in Delhi and NCR areas

    Termite Pest Control Charges Rani Bagh, Delhi: Starting At Rs 2000