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Rat Pest Control

Rat Control

Rats are world’s most harmful pests. These frightful pests cause a lot of damages to your property. Rats and other species of rodents can have a negative effects on businesses, especially those who are doing work within the food industry. Rats not only can cause or spread diseases, but they also have obstruction effect on brand reputation, operating costs, and revenues. Hence, you should consult without waste your time call to reliable pest Control Company as soon as you have indication of rat infestation.

More: – Rats live in homes and office and commercial area because of the same reasons like you – food, shelter, and water. All Rats are also mammals like humans and are warm-blooded animals. Rats the rat destroy goods and things by biting or cutting them because their incisors never stop growing. They must chew things regularly to trim or cut their teeth down to keep them from growing in the skull. So, rats generally chew on hard material like lead and plastic pipes, insulation materials, or electrical wiring food. They also cut clothes, which is actually a big loss for people. And to prevent your things from destroying by rats, you need to remove them from your residential or commercial area.

Mostly Rats are living in Factories, offices, hotels, restaurants, and houses are the main affected areas of rat infestation. Rats can often see in these areas as factories and offices give them hard substances to chew like files, cardboard, wiring, plastic pipes, etc. while homes, hotels, and restaurants storage area give them everything along with food and water. All are the targeted area by rats. Due to the loss they cause and the diseases they spread, people never want to have them in the residential or business areas. So, how you can remove of rats or rodents?

How to Get Rid of Rats?

To get rid of the rats, you first to identify where are rat’s presence what kind of rats you have. There are many types of rats in the world and to treat them different types of treatment would be required. So, first, know what type of rats you have. There are three types of rats that are very common to find in residential, commercial, or industrial areas, and that are as follows:

Norway Rats: These are the best burrowers that commonly stay in the basement or ground floor.

Roof Rats: They are very small in size than other rats. They are clever climbers and generally known as black rats and ship rats. They like enclosed elevated spaces in attics, walls, and ceilings.

House Mice: House mice sometimes spread diseases, they have pointed snouts, small rounded ears, and a long hairless tail.

One India Pest Control is a much expert pest control service provider in Delhi NCR. We are providing in the industry for a very long time and have helped many residents of Delhi NCR to get rid of rats, rodents, mice, and other types of pests and insects. We are using that we use include most effective chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, organic or herbal products that are totally safe for humans and pets.

We use many different tacked and treatments for rat control like integrated pest control, physical pest control, organic pest control chemical pest control, and odorless pest control. Our technicians understand our clients concerns and requirements and work accordingly to provide best -quality pest control services at affordable and genuine rates.

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